This page details assorted work I have done in the fields of econometrics, statistics, and data science.

2023-24 Bank of Canada Governor’s Challenge

I was one of five students selected from over seventy applicants to compete as part of UBC’s team for the 2023-24 Bank of Canada Governor’s Challenge, where I was responsible for developing a VAR model in R using several economic datasets from Statistics Canada, the World Bank, and FRED. Along with the rest of my team, I prepared a presentation describing my model’s predictions and gave it before the Bank of Canada’s panel of judges.

The impact of housing completions on average rents in small Canadian cities

I worked in a team of three students to develop a research paper investigating the relationship between new housing completions and housing across 24 small Canadian cities using a linear regression model and Statistics Canada datasets in R. Term project for UBC’s ECON 326 (Introduction to Econometrics) with Professor Jonathan Graves. PDF

I used R, the tidyverse, and CANSIM to analyze Health Canada’s Canadian Student Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs Survey dataset, using a series of linear regressions models to examine trends in patterns of substance abuse among high school students in rural and urban Canada. Term project for UBC’s ECON 398 (Introduction to Applied Economics) with Professor Jonathan Graves. PDF